The next generation of welding technology "fiber laser welding" introduced.
Capable of welding highly reflective materials and hard materials such as
aluminum and copper because of a short wavelength and high beam absorption
against the materials.
Consequently it achieves high airtight with a continuous wave and smooth high-quality welding.

Model : FLW-6000       6-axis articulated welding robot
Maker : AMADA CO., LTD.

Maximum sheet thickness : SUS 9t, Al 6t
Positioning accuracy : ±0.07mm
Robot carriage length : 6,000mm

Maximum process range
X direction : 1,000 ~ 1,900mm
Z direction :       500 ~ 1,300mm
Y direction : -1,530 ~ 7,600mm

The video plays from YOUTUBE site.      "SUS304 , sheet thickness 10mm"